Each horse is individual. 


Your horse requires an individual type of shoeing



Shoeing applications and disciplines.

Farriers competition Festival of the Horse

  • Dressage/Showjumping/Eventing
  • Hacks/Hunters Racing/Endurance
  • Polo
  • Showing (Aluminium if required)
  • Driving types
  • Shires
  • Bond on shoes (No nails)
  • Imprint shoes (Lamanitic & sport)
  • Barefoot trimming
  • Natural Balance
  • All remedial types of shoeing
  • Remedial foal trimming (limb de-formaties)


Each and every horse is different. After I have assessed your horse or pony, I will be able to suggest an optimal shoeing plan, tailor made for both horse and rider. Many shoes are hand made so if your horse requires custom fit shoes, this can easily be catered for.