Farriery Training

ATF......?struggling with the demands of everyday work combined with searching for extra hours in the day to spend in the forge teaching your apprentice.
Apprentice.......?keen to improve your standard of work or prepare for an exam.
Qualified Farrier......?looking for advice on shoeing competitions. Helpful tips and techniques.

I have been an Approved Training Farrier (ATF) since 2000 and can offer tailor made courses to suit your own needs including:

Shoemaking tuitionSpecimens for diploma or competitions;tips on judges/examiners requirements. Foot dressing;how to make things easier for yourself. Fitting hand made shoes;concave, fullered or plain stamped. Tips on how good shoemaking techniques can make shoes easier to fit.  Something that takes practice and is very different from fitting machine made shoes. Nailing and clenching;how to get that extra special finish that makes all the difference.Tool maintenance;learn the importance of sharp, precision tools that will make your work stand out from the rest.
All courses can be tailor made to fit your own requirements, from a couple of hours in the forge for some shoemaking practice to a day out shoeing with me working on trim and fit to a full week out covering everything from basics to recreating a diploma practical exam at the end of the week.
If you believe  you or your apprentice would benefit from intensive tuition please contact me to discuss this further.
Courses aimed at apprentice farriers must be agreed by your ATF.